Burlington County Animal Alliance - Very Poor Organization

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Many, many issues with adopting from here. I have spent almost $1300 on healthcare that should have been resolved BEFORE allowing the animals to be adopted out.

No screening process aside from an online form, luckily I am a good person, there are plenty of people out there who are not! Shelter was unwilling to help with any costs incurred even though pets were well under the acceptable adoption age (5 weeks!), should have still been in the foster home or shelter being raised and medically treated for the numerous issues (roundworm, hookworm, coccidia, respiratory infection, UTI). Shots were given way too early which negated them and need to be repeated. Puppies were so sick that they have waited for over a month to resolve illnesses before they are able to get their shots.

Well intending shelters and foster homes are no better than a puppy mill if they are not properly attending to the animal's needs. Puppies should be dewormed before they are fully and overly infested with worms. I made my mistake by not being informed on what to look for and what questions to ask, which has cost me a lot of money that the shelter will not assist with. Nonetheless my rescues were SAVED since I am now giving them the PROPER medical attention they require and should have received many many weeks prior to adoption.

Shelter needs immediate improvement and Foster homes need better information or better screening to better care for their animals. Wake up BCAA!

Product or Service Mentioned: Burlington County Animal Alliance Pet Adoption.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I filled out an application to adopt and they never responded until I inquired on social media then all they cared about was what brand of dog food I would be using. Then they advertised that the adoption fee was $45 then said $475.

Then I wanted to meet the dog and they said he was still down south recovering? They seem very shady to me with their priorities where they shouldn’t be.

Lacey Township, New Jersey, United States #1324883

The SAME thing happened to me with this place! They told me "she's all done, shots-spayed-microchipped...

it will be $350 to adopt this dog. They told me that she was coming up from Georgia, and made sure that I was at the pet smart that morning. Well all of a sudden it was 450 to take her home, and was told I had a week to take her to the vet and get her checked out and if anything was wrong with her it was "on them"... Well...

because they spayed her 2 days before they put her on a 2 day transport to NJ she developed a hernia, she also had 2 types of parasites and tape worms. I first told the woman who kept text me 100 times a day to make sure i was going to show up, and then wanted selfies with the dog.... When I texted her about the problem... OH LOOK...

NO RESPONSE. When I contacted BCAA through facebook message only-- I was told by the lady in charge "Well.. ALL DOGS HAVE WORMS... No Lady--- you passed this dog off as 5 months, she was at least 7-8...

She had giardia, coccidia, and tapeworms as well being 12lbs and you told me that she was 20. She also WAS NEVER microchipped. Then when I told her about the hernia.. I told her that the vet said to wait 6-8 weeks to see if it goes down first before making any decisions.

I told BCAA that I wanted to make them aware of this issue in case I need to bring It up in 2 months--- BCAA's response (word for word) "IF I REMEMBER". It's cost me over $1000 to get this dog back to normal.. besides everything else. They had NO problem cashing my check though...

I respect saving animals... but if you are running this type of organization you need to do it the RIGHT WAY!

Burlington County Animal Alliance - Outside Vendors are horrible.

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My review isn't about PetSmart per say, but the association they allow to peddle animals to the public. In short, My review is about Burlington County Animal Alliance that organizes events in front of this store.

DO NOT get an animal from these people. Our family was swindled out of a lot of money just for wanting to rescue and get a family dog. Here are the issues we experienced. 1.

This organization does not have an actual facility to "rescue" dogs. What they do is broker out foster homes some of which are out of state. Then the "staff" meets in a parking lot outside the Cracker Barrel to exchange animals. They do not tell you of a lack of facility until its time to pick up your animal.

2. They advertised that the dog was "House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations." When we received the dog's paperwork, the dog was NOT spayed/Neutered nor was it current on its shots. Mind you, it could be because the dog was young, but they said they would provide a certificate for these services. According to the animals birthday, the dog was actually behind in shots.

Plus the one shot that it did receive was done incorrectly leaving a cyst like feature on its back that needs to be monitored. No certificate was provided. Additionally, requesting reimbursement for the behind shots is met with scathing belligerence. 3.

Although they advertise the "adoption donation" to rescue a dog was $350, on another site it listed a price between $125 - $150. We were told that our dog would be $350 because of age. (5 months). Dogs, come AS IS.

Meaning, if they have medical issues, you are on the hook for it. 4. Although we are in NJ, the dog's vet records were North Carolina/South Carolina. It was explained to us that animals are trucked up and down Route 95 and that the parking lot outside the Crackel Barrel is a good drop off point for animals.

5. The dog also had *** marks on the bottom of its neck from other dogs, and a giardia infection that increased the vet bills to treat. 6. We tried to negotiate some of the costs for services not provided, such as the dog not being up to date on shots and too young to be spayed and or neutered.

We were threatened to have our family dog removed from us twice. Notwithstanding toys and accessories, in order for us to rescue a dog, it cost us over $630.00. We could have bought a pure bred for that amount of money. 7.

We were told that heartwork medication would be given to us for free, but we received nothing.

When asked, again we are met with scathing indignation and a threat to have our dog taken away. If you want to truly rescue a dog, do NOT get swindled by these people.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

I didn't like: Rudeness of outside vendors.

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